In a world where online shopping is fast becoming the norm, it’s important for retailers to
stand out from the rest and create an immersive and memorable experience that
potential shoppers can’t replicate. As a result, businesses are investing more time and
resources in their visual merchandising to ensure that these spaces serve as a lasting
first impression. To do this effectively, many retailers are turning to 3D rendering and
prototyping services to streamline their design process and produce highquality visuals
of their store interiors before they open their doors. These emerging technologies have
numerous benefits for retail businesses of all sizes, as outlined below.

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is a process that creates an image or a threedimensional model of an
object. It is often used for visualisations in architecture, engineering, and marketing. In
the retail industry, 3D rendering is used to produce photorealistic images of a space
before it is built. These renderings allow retailers to visualize their final products before
they’re manufactured and shipped, and they provide a valuable marketing tool that helps
retailers attract potential customers. In other industries, 3D rendering is also known as
computeraided design (CAD) and computeraided visualisation (CAV)

Why is 3D Rendering Important for Retailers?

One of the most important uses of 3D rendering in retail is visual merchandising. This

can include 3D renderings of products, store interiors, or instore marketing campaigns.
Products are often displayed online in a photorealistic environment, helping customers
envision how items will look in their home. In a retail setting, visual merchandising can
be used to showcase a store’s design and layout as well as specific products. It’s a great
way for businesses to stand out from competitors and make a lasting impression on
potential customers. Visual merchandising can also help businesses create and refine
their brand image through the use of colour palettes, fonts, and logos. For example, a
retail chain specialising in outdoor gear may use 3D rendering and virtual reality (VR) to
showcase the look and feel of their brickandmortar locations.

Why is Prototyping Important for Retailers?

A mockup or prototype is a physical or digital model of an object that helps designers
and stakeholders evaluate and test a design before it’s manufactured. Prototyping
enables retailers to test their design and functionality before spending money on the final
product. This process is especially important for retailers, as it allows them to test the
integrity and overall effectiveness of their instore fixtures and designs, such as
interactive displays. Although 3D rendering can provide an accurate representation of a
product or design, it’s important to note that it isn’t a truetolife representation. This is
where prototyping comes in. In order to test the integrity of fixtures, displays, and
products, businesses should prototype their design. This can be done using a
combination of materials, such as cardboard, foamcore, and specialised materials for
more accurate results. Prototypes are often used when businesses are ready to bring
their product to market.

3D Rendering and Prototyping Services for Retailers

When it comes to 3D rendering and prototyping, retailers have the option to work with in
house designers or hire an outside firm for assistance. Depending on the project,
outsourcing work may be cheaper and more efficient than hiring inhouse designers,
especially if the retailer doesn’t have a dedicated visual merchandising team. As a result,
many retailers choose to hire outside firms to produce visual renderings and prototypes.
There are several benefits to outsourcing work, such as:

Access to a larger talent pool

Access to design talent that is difficult to find

Ability to scale up or down quickly
Ability to outsource work at any time

Ability to focus on core business activities

Key takeaway

As eCommerce sales continue to rise, brickandmortar retailers are looking for ways to
stand out from the crowd and attract customers. 3D rendering and prototyping are two
solutions that can help retailers create an immersive shopping experience that can’t be
replicated online. These visual rendering and prototyping services allow businesses to
test their products and designs before investing in manufacturing and shipping. This
allows retailers to make any necessary adjustments before their design is finalised,
saving money and time down the line. Don’t be left behind in the latest trends. Contact
us today at Activ8 and we will be able to turn your idea into creative and effective

Thinking made Visual.