Visual merchandising is one of the most powerful and yet underutilised tools in retail. It’s also one that can increase your profits immensely with just a little planning and forethought. Visual merchandising is not only how you visually display your products, but it’s also how you arrange those displays. In this article, we’re going to talk about what visual merchandising is, why it is so important for retailers and give you some tips on how to implement it for your products.

What is Visual Merchandising?

Visual merchandising is the process of arranging products to create an aesthetic display that highlights and draws attention to the products for sale. It uses different visual cues like colours, graphics, and other elements to attract and engage customers in your store. Visual merchandising is also about adapting your displays to create a greater visual experience for your customers to ensure they are attracted to your products. This in turn creates a pleasurable customer experience.

Why is it so Important for Retailers?

When done well, visual merchandising is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that businesses can employ. It’s cost effective because you don’t need to spend much money to make a significant impact. Visual merchandising displays increase sales and profits by attracting new customers and encouraging existing ones to return. Effective displays can make your products seem more important than your competitors. This is achieved by using textures, colours, and other visual merchandising tools to make your products seem more interesting, valuable, and worthy of being on display.

Checklist for Implementing Visual Merchandising

Now that you know what visual merchandising is and why it’s so important for retailers, let’s talk about some helpful tips to get the best from your merchandising displays.

– Know your customer – What does your customer want? What do they need? Make it easy for them to find your products and want to come back time and time again.

– Put products where they look best – You want customers to see what you want them to see, so you need to make the most of their attention. Put items where they can be easily seen and where they won’t get in the way.

– Choose the right products for your display – Sometimes, you need to make a choice between more profitable products and more effective visuals. What compromises do you need to make?

– Pick the right colours to create a mood – If your products look the same as your competitors, what will make customers choose your product? Pick colours that help customers engage with your products.

– Keep the layout simple – Don’t go crazy with complicated layouts. Customers can and will read them from top to bottom, left to right. Keep it simple so that you can make the most of their visual attention.


Visual merchandising is a powerful tool that can help you stand out above your competitors, boosting your sales. However, sometimes it is challenging if you don’t have the right person working with you who understands your products and customers. At Activ8, we help activate brands and create visually stunning displays which guarantee to increase your bottom line.

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